KitchenTea Paint and Sip
KitchenTea Paint and Sip
KitchenTea Paint and Sip

KitchenTea Paint and Sip

R 300
Paint Item

Have you been searching for something unique and special for your KitchenTea/Bachelorette party?

Paint and Sip party might just be the perfect get-together for the bride to be and her girls.

Whether you're a total beginner, intermediate or more advanced painter, at the Artery we believe everyone has an artist in them waiting to be released! Come and introduce your inner artist.  

Our studio has a variety of styles and artworks you can choose from, including clay, canvas and wine glass painting!

 It’s up to your taste and what you favour! 

Knowledge required:


What you'll get:

All materials provided, including a paint item, paint, brushes and an apron.
Two glasses of free wine/juice/coffee

Cheese Platter options available. 

What to bringJ:

Just yourself and your inner artist.





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