About us

Escape from the every day busy life.

One needs a place to retreat and recharge.


Whether it is learning of a new skill,

a fun day of artistic experience with your kids

or a simple getaway to clear your head that you are looking for,

you will find it here at the Artery.


Artery offers a homey atmosphere that is sure to ease all your unwanted stress away and introduce you to a fascinating world of color and creation.

Our team

Lea Venter picture

Lea Venter


We adore Lea's passion for fostering creativity and her dedication to building a welcoming artistic community at The Artery!

Her warm studio at InsideOut is the perfect escape from the everyday, offering workshops for all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, Lea creates a space where everyone feels comfortable exploring their artistic side.

Lea loves to bring so much color and joy to life.

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